Best dogs for children: How To Choose?

  • Dec 01, 2022
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Dogs are great for kids: They provide unconditional love and teach us responsibility and cooperation. If you're choosing a dog for your kid, consider your lifestyle and their age.

Some breeds are patient, some play endlessly, and some are protective. Even though most dogs thrive on training, you'll have to teach your kids how to interact with their new family member.

What Makes Dog Kid-friendly?

The following three factors can help you choose a good family dog, regardless of breed:

  • Temperament – It's the dog's personality. Make sure the dog has a calm temperament. The more relaxed the dog is, the better it's for forming strong bond with your child.


  • Size – Dogs aren't good with kids because of their size alone. Both temperament and energy level should be considered when choosing a size. Generally, larger dogs are docile, whereas smaller dogs are more excitable. A large, playful dog can knock down the children if you have little ones.


  • Energy level – Depends on your family's preference. Think about how much exercise you can give a dog who needs a lot. A dog's excess energy can cause behavior problems if you don't meet his needs.


When Choosing a Dog for kids, Here's What to Ask.

Ask the shelter or rescue workers what the dog likes and dislikes. Here are five things to ask about potential family dogs:

How safe is the dog for everyone?
Some dogs like socializing with everyone in the family, while some prefer adults only.

How energetic is the dog?
You might want a dog that will go on long walks with you or you can carry most of the time along with you.

How long will the dog need to be taken care of?
Would it be a long-haired dog that needs regular grooming or a senior dog that needs more vet visits?

What's the age range?
Would you prefer a puppy who needs a lot of training but will probably get along with everyone? Or an adult dog who's potty trained but a little shy at first?

Is this dog good with other pets?
Be sure the new dog gets along with the other animals at home, especially if you have other pets.


Top 3 Dogs for Children's

We've rounded up the best dogs for kids and families:


  • Golden Retriever

The Dog breed is confident, intelligent, loyal, and kind. Kids love Golden Retrievers because they're neither aggressive nor timid.
Although Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercises, they love to play (they love retrieving games, like frisbees).
And the best way to take care of their golden coats is to brush them twice a week.


  • Labrador Retriever

No wonder Labs are popular. The dog variety is playful, patient, loving, protective, reliable, and easy to train. So, make sure they have plenty of room to run around.
Their short coats make them easy to maintain, and they only need weekly brushing to stay clean and healthy. Despite this, Labradors shed, so you should regularly clean up their hair.


  • Beagle

Because of their small size, they are easily carried. And the calm temperament makes beagle an excellent family pet.
Since beagles are sturdy dogs, they're always up for a game. If your kids love the outdoor games, this breed is a perfect fit.
The Beagle is friendly, and generally gets along with other pets (except for a bit of chasing here and there). They shed alot, which means frequent brushing and bathing is also required for them.
Dogs with long or curly coats need grooming multiple times or weekly, and most kids can't do it. It's better if the kids take care of dogs with shorter coats.

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