5 Winter Care Tips For Your Dog

  • Dec 24, 2022
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Most dog owners think that because their pets have fur, they can handle the cold better than humans. Not necessarily. The cold weather can be equally tricky on these fur-coated creatures as it is on us, as they are used to the warmth of indoor shelters. As a result, pets need extra care and love during winter.
So check out if your dog loves the winter or prefers to curl up on the couch. and learn Winter Care Tips For Your Dog.

Signs to check if your dog is cold?

  • A whiny voice
  • Shivering
  • Being anxious
  • Stops playing
  • Looks for burrowing places

No matter what, this winter, keep your pet safe with these five helpful dog winter care tips.

1. Keep an eye on the temperature

A lot of dog breeds have thick fur that keeps them warm. However, thin-coated dogs may need a sweater or coat for winter walks. A good dog coat covers the belly and reaches from the neck to the tail base. However, coats won't prevent frostbite on ears, feet, or tails. So ensure your short-haired dog isn't out too long in freezing weather, even if it has a cozy coat.

2. Take a walk in the sun

Try walking your dog late morning or early afternoon when it's warmer instead of early morning or evening. Play outside while it's sunny; sunlight gives you and your pet vitamin D. Use toys instead of sticks, which can cause choking. Bring a frisbee, ball, or other safe dog toys if he likes to chew and chase.

3. Cozy bedding

Limit your dog's time outside on cold days, and don't let him sleep on a cold floor. It's essential to choose the right bedding for your dog. Raised beds keep your dog off cold tiles or concrete, and pet beds help keep stiff joints loose. Ensure the dog bed is in a warm spot away from drafts, hard tile, and uncarpeted floors, preferably a favorite place where the pet sleeps every day.

4. Avoid overfeeding

Even though dogs may need an extra layer in winter, ensure it's from a coat, not fat. In cold weather, pets may even be lazy and need fewer calories. Make sure you adjust your pet's calories according to their activity level. You'll be able to keep your coat healthy and robust with a diet rich in whole foods, preferably raw meats.

5. Consider your dog's age

Dogs with existing medical conditions, such as arthritis, are often aggravated by cold weather. Exercise is essential for your arthritic dog. Keep your dog's rest area warm and soft after exercise to prevent slips and falls. Consult your veterinarian about natural joint supplements for your senior dog to ease arthritis pain. Winter makes dogs more susceptible to other illnesses.

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Winter weather brings a lot of concerns for dog owners. Consult your vet if your dog runs into any unfavorable winter side effects.

Take advantage of all winter has to offer by keeping these dog winter care tips in mind. And get your dog Ohmypet products such as bedding, clothes, dog food, and grooming supplies.

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