Who We Are

As pet lovers we also thought to adopt a pet in 2020, we were so happy to adopt Shih-Tzu

Who showered so much love on all of our family members.

Our love and passion for animals and the desire to fill the gaps in the pet industry in terms of product available in the market for our Pawsome baby gave us a vision to start OH MY PET.

Later, we realized that we or every pet owner loves to give their pet quality food or quality products and the products are expensive in the market.

So, we here at OH MY PET focus on providing quality products to every pet owner at a affordable prices.

Our products are well researched with detailed information, which will help pet parents to raise their pet in the healthy environment.

We all know how it feels not to have a home, we try and help stray dogs to find the right home so they can be saved from road accidents and injuries.

When you buy a product from OH MY PET, a certain amount of money goes to feed the Street dogs.