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Best Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses For Small, Medium, Large Breed Dogs and Puppies

Dogs love to walk, but do you? It's time to train your dog on a leash if you're dragging yourself around by your curious pup. Your fast-walking dogs don't have dog leash skills at birth, but you must train them.
With leash training, you can teach your pup not to pull ahead or lag behind you. Dog collars, dog slips leads, other dog training leads, and dog harnesses from OhmyPet can help you train your pup. However, be careful walking a big dog who isn't leash-trained. Use a dog-training leash to make your dog walk alongside you instead of around you. Our online dog store has top dog-training leashes designed by Ohmypet.
Flexible leashes are great because they're easy to control. It may look simple compared to other leashes, but it's a great training tool. This solid bronze clip swivels and adds durability, so it's perfect for daredevils. We also have the best dog-training collars. Just consider how they react to training, what motivates them, and what you feel comfortable with and buy from Ohmypet.


FAQs about Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses

  • Is a harness better than a collar for my dog?

Yes. Most pet parents prefer harnesses to collars for added comfort and control. Attach your dog's ID tags to the saddle if your dog runs away.


  • How do I clean my dog's collar and harness?

Care for a dog collar and harness as directed on the package. Harnesses and collars made of nylon or cloth are easy to clean. The best cleaners for your dog are liquid dish detergent and dog shampoo. Make sure not to use anything that can harm your dog to clean collars and harnesses.