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Best Dog Bowls & Feeders For Small, Medium, Large Breed Dogs and Puppies

Same as humans, a dog shouldn't eat too fast. Besides not enjoying food, it isn't good for digestion, too. Ensure your furry friend has a dog feeder that helps them eat slowly. The feeder pushes out food before your pet eats it, preventing vomiting and gas. At Ohmypet, we have a variety of fun interactive dog bowls and slow dog feeders. 
However, if a healthy eating pace isn't an issue for you, we also provide other options. For example, we offer a wide range of stainless steel food pet bowls to match your dog's personality. In addition, we carry foldable dog travel bowls like the Ohmypet silicone non-slip dog storage bowls. With its stuffable and packable design, the travel pet bowl is ideal for adventures with your pet.
When it comes to a dog water bowl, Ohmypet designed a pet water bottle. The easy-to-carry bottle is suitable for walking and traveling and also has a drinking cup with a dispenser.

FAQs about Dog Bowls & Feeders


  • Is it important to get my dog a bowl or a feeder?

Feeders or bowls for your dog depend on his eating habits and your schedule. A dog feeder can help with specialized feeding needs if you don't have a dog bowl. For example, slow feeders may benefit dogs who eat too fast, and timed feeders can deliver food on time. 

  • How to clean dog bowls and feeders?

Wash a dog bowl or feeder according to the directions. You can wash Bowls with a dishwasher or by hand. However, many automatic feeders will have components that can toss in the dishwasher.