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60% of all dogs are either obese or over weight.

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What can I expect from Supertails online vet consultation?

When you book an appointment, you have the comfort to select a time of your choosing. After booking, you will recieve a confirmation mail. You can refer to this confirmation mail and click on the link provided to join your online vet consultation.

What happens after consultation with the vet?

Once your session with the vet is complete, we’ll share a post consultation kit with you, which will include all the medical records, prescription, and treatment plan for your reference.

In case of an emergency. What do I do?

In case of an emergency, we recommend that you visit a clinic or a hospital where it is required for a doctor to physically treat your pet in a time sensitive way.

How do I trust the efficacy of an online vet consultation?

Our vets are rigorously trained to provide you with the best experience. With an average rating of 4.9 in 5k+ consultations and an extremely high recovery rate, our online consultations are as good as they can be.

Does my pet need to be around during the consultation?

Yes, it is recommended to keep the pet available in the same room and be ready to help the vet examine visually if needed.

I have a minor query to ask the doctor. Do I still have to book a consultation?

Yes. Minor issues can often be a precursor to a deeper problem. Our vets will help you deal with them appropriately.